Growth-Driven Digital Marketing for Dentists

Growth-Driven Digital Marketing is a more innovative approach that eliminates the headaches and drives results using data.

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Increase Quality Patients to Your Dental Practice

Quality patients deliver larger cases, higher case acceptance, and more predictable revenue

Whether you own a fee-for-service dental practice, blended, or insurance base practice, high-quality patients are a top priority. The quality level of patients that your office attracts may be a reflection of how your office is perceived online. All too often, we find ourselves speaking with a dentist who has a gorgeous modern office. However, their online presence reflects a much older office. Quality patients are deciding which practice they will schedule an appointment at based on what they can find in the search engines. Patients who are referred to your practice will perform a minimum of three searches before they decide to schedule an appointment.

At Digital Krewe, we will develop a digital marketing strategy that highlights your office and provides a consistent experience online. Tracking and reviewing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), your online presence is constantly improving. The Growth-Driven digital marketing method was developed because the traditional method or the set it and forget it method doesn't work.

For years, dental practices and small businesses have employed the traditional web design method. Every couple of years, dentists got through the painstaking process of re-designing their website and pray for different results, only to repeat the process again and again. The results that search engines provide changes hundreds of times between re-designs of your website, yet most dentists or their dental marketing companies are not reviewing the results and asking, "What can we do to improve our visibility?" 

All dental practices have a competitor who is taking advantage of a digital marketing strategy.

  • Ongoing measurement
  • Smaller up-front investment
  • Guaranteed to see better results than the traditional method
  • Shorter time for initial project launch

Curious to see how your site measures up?

Run it through our Website Grader and find out how you can make your site more delightful for patients and customers. 

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Data-Driven Marketing for Dentists

We take a transparent approach to our growth-driven digital marketing services.

Growth-Driven Responsive Web Design for Dentists

Growth-Driven Web Design

Stop redesigning your website every few years to end up in the same place wondering what you need to do differently. Measuring results and continuous improvement is essential to a long-term digital marketing strategy. We'll build a launch pad and continue to grow the engine that serves your patients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Providing your patients with a great experience is a key component to successful SEO. Today's patient consumes several types of content and they want the content to be easily accessible and load fast. At Digital Krewe, we help you meet the patient on their journey to finding a dentist online. That's what we call patient happiness.

Search Engine Optimization for Dentists
Search Engine Marketing for Dentists

Search Engine Marketing

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy should include online marketing. Paid advertising campaigns ensure placement at the top of search results when your ideal patient is searching. We will create a strategy that works within your budget to increase the number of high-quality patients that visit your dental practice.